Freshwater Umbrella Research Consortium

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology — Bangor

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) at Bangor is involved with dynamic chemical modelling and water and soil chemical analysis, with extensive experience of the acidified regions of the UK. CEH Bangor also provide an important link with DEFRA's Soils Umbrella group.

Dr. Bridget Emmett

Bridget Emmett is Director of CEH Bangor and specialises in ecosystem studies, nitrogen deposition, and climate change. She has been a senior participant in the DEFRA Terrestrial Umbrella and in the NERC GANE thematic programme. She has particular interest in plant-soil interactions at the ecosystem-scale and links to water quality and is involved in research concerning; impacts of nitrogen pollution in forested and non-forest ecosystems; upland land-use change and impacts on biogeochemical cycling and implications for ecosystem structure and function including carbon storage; nitrogen cycling including the use of natural and enriched isotopes at the field scale; acidification of soils and streamwater; effects of climate change in upland ecosystems; biogeochemical modelling. As Science Co-ordinator of the DEFRA Terrestrial Umbrella, Bridget provides a direct link between the activities of the two Umbrella groups.

Dr. Chris Evans

Chris Evans is a Senior Scientific Officer at CEH Bangor, specialising in dynamic modelling and nitrogen biochemistry in upland and acidified systems. He has been involved with the AWMN since 1998 undertaking statistical and environmental analysis and interpretation of chemistry and streamflow data, and is active in both the DEFRA sponsored Terrestrial Umbrella and Dynamic Modelling Programmes.

Dr. Brian Reynolds

has been head of the Biogeochemistry Section at CEH Bangor since 1990 and specialises in the study of the processes controlling element transfers and fluxes within semi-natural and plantation forest ecosystems. This has developed expertise across a number of related fields including measurement of atmospheric deposition, soil and surface water chemistry, hydrology and modelling. His current research focuses on the development and implementation of critical loads methodology to soils and freshwater and catchment based studies of the effects of acid deposition and land use change on soil and stream water chemistry. He has been a senior participant in the DEFRA Terrestrial Umbrella and in the NERC GANE thematic programme.