Freshwater Umbrella Research Consortium

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology — Lancaster

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology has formed an exciting new partnership with Lancaster University. The new Lancaster Environment Centre, located on the University's campus, will team up the skills and expertise of both CEH and University staff. The Centre, a joint initiative between the Natural Environment Research Council and Lancaster University, is home to one of the largest groups of environmental researchers and teachers anywhere in Europe.

The Lancaster Environment Centre comprises new state of the art laboratories, greenhouse and controlled environment facilities for sophisticated experimentation. CEH retains use of the unique fish holding facilities and hatcheries at Windermere.

Dr. Stephen Maberly

Stephen Maberly is an ecophysiologist of aquatic algae and plants at CEH Lancaster, with a particular interest in relating changing environmental conditions to physiological and ecological responses through laboratory experiments, field measurements, use of novel techniques and the analysis of long-term environmental data. It was Stephen's pioneering work with regard to nutrient bioassays in upland waters that identified a greater incidence of N limitation or N and P co-limitation than previously recognized in these systems.