Freshwater Umbrella Research Consortium

ENSIS — Environmental Change Research Centre (ECRC)

The consortium is managed by ENSIS Ltd., the environmental consultancy arm of the ECRC at UCL. ECRC provide an important additional component to that provided by ENSIS via high quality research laboratories and sampling and analytical expertise.

Prof. Rick Battarbee

Rick Battarbee is a world-renowned freshwater ecologist and director of the ECRC at UCL. In the 1980s he developed palaeoecological techniques for identifying the causes, history and consequences of acidification and led both the Royal Society SWAP / DoE and CEGB Acidification projects through the 1980s, and the Freshwater Umbrella programme (1990-ongoing). A former member of the Acid Waters Review Group and NEGTAP he now focuses on assessing recovery of impacted ecosystems from acidification; understanding the confounding complexities of climate change and acidification interactions; and providings international policy support, the latter including his role in the AWMN and the Freshwater Umbrella

Dr. Chris Curtis

Chris Curtis is a senior research fellow at the ECRC specialising in critical loads models for freshwaters and the biogeochemistry of nitrogen. Has has been responsible for the production of the UK national critical loads for freshwaters datasets submitted to the international mapping programme under the UNECE CLRTAP for the last ten years, and has published widely on the application of freshwater critical load models in the UK and in European mountain lakes. He has been the science co-ordinator of the Freshwater Umbrella for the last six years, with principal interest in the identification of the key processes controlling the release of nitrate from terrestrial ecosystems into surface waters.

Dr. Gavin Simpson

Gavin Simpson is a palaeolimnologist and freshwater ecologist with a particular interest in zooplankton and the recovery of disturbed aquatic ecosystems. He is also an environmental statistician with interests in the analysis of complex multivariate and time-series data. Gavin manages the Freshwater Umbrella website and the Umbrella's database.

Mr. Don Monteith

Don Monteith is a freshwater ecologist with a wide experience of field and laboratory techniques and expertise in the construction, maintenance and interpretation of large environmental dataset and databases. He has published widely on the subject of freshwater acidification and has been the science co-ordinator of the AWMN since its inception in 1988.

Dr. Simon Patrick

Simon Patrick is an environmental scientist and the Managing Director of ENSIS. He has a wide experience in managing complex and multidisciplinary environmental research programmes. Simon provides the administrative and financial management of the Freshwater Umbrella programme and represents the Umbrella to external organisations and programmes.

Dr. Neil Rose

Neil Rose is an environmental chemist whose research focusses on the morphology, chemistry and source apportionment of fly-ash particles and their relationships with other atmospherically deposited pollutants such as SOx, trace metals and POPs. Major areas of current research involve the spatial and temporal distributions of fly-ash particles using the sediment record as a natural archive and the use of spheroidal carbonaceous particle (SCP) temporal profiles to provide lake sediment chronologies for the industrial period More information is available on the CARBYNET website.

Dr. Martin Kernan

Martin Kernan is a senior research fellow and is interested in primarily on the chemical and ecological effects of the deposition of atmospheric pollutants onto upland lakes and streams. He also has broader interests on the effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystems and their interactions with other drivers of change. He specialises in the application of multivariate statistical techniques to large complex datasets. He is scientific co-ordinator of the EU FP6 project Euro-limpacs.