Freshwater Umbrella Research Consortium

The Macaulay Land-Use Research Institute (MLURI)

The Macaulay Land-Use Research Institute (MLURI) are involved in developing dynamic hydrochemical models and particularly in soil chemistry processes, with an extensive research background in Scottish upland systems.

Dr. Robert Ferrier

Robert Ferrier is Head of the integrated Catchment Management Division at MLURI in Aberdeen. This programme focuses on the hydrological and hydrochemical consequences of environmental change, in particular atmospheric deposition impacts, global change and land-use and its management. Over the past decade Robert has specialised in modelling ecosystem biogeochemistry at a range of temporal and spatial scales and the application and development of multi-impact hydrochemical models for integrated catchment management. Currently he is addressing the scientific challenges of policy implementation such as that required for the EU WFD, and international emission control protocols. Dr Ferrier has been an active member of the DEFRA Freshwater and Dynamic Modelling Programmes and in the next phase will retain a role on the Freshwater Umbrella advisory group.