Freshwater Umbrella Research Consortium

Members of the Freshwater Umbrella

Loch Doilet (Scotland)The Freshwater Umbrella comprises leading experts in freshwater chemistry, biology, ecology, and environmental statistics, drawn from the foremost UK aquatic science laboratories with a long experience of surface water acidification. The core of the Freshwater Umbrella has developed and undertaken the research programmes that have comprised the Freshwater Umbrella since its inception in 1990, with new members joining as part of the current research programme who are experts in nitrogen isotope analysis (Tim Heaton — BGS Keyworth) and nutrient nitrogen in freshwaters (Stephen Maberly — CEH Lancaster).

ENSIS - Environmental Change Research Centre (ECRC)

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology - Bangor

British Geological Survey

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology - Lancaster

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology - Wallingford

School of Geography, Politics and Sociology - Newcastle University

Macaulay Land-Use Research Institute (MLURI)