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Climate Change and Aquatic Ecosystems in the UK - conference proceedings published

Monday August 4th, 2008

The proceedings from a one day meeting Climate Change and Aquatic Ecosystems in the UK: science policy and management held at the Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London, Wednesday 16th May, 2007 have now been published.

The report includes a number of papers stemming from presentations given during the meeting, the transcript of a panel discussion and a joint statement from researchers at CCW, EA, SNH and EN highlighting research priorities to support adaptation response.

In particular, Chris Evans (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and member of the Freshwater Umbrella research team) and colleagues contributed a section on the effects of climate change on upland aquatic ecosystems. The authors highlight concerns over acidification, nitrogen deposition, and water colour (DOC) and how climate change is thought to interact with these stressors.

A PDF version of the proceedings is available now from the ECRC's website from the Further Information link below.

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