Freshwater Umbrella Research 2004-7

WP 4: Influence of climate change on the impacts of atmospheric deposition on upland freshwaters

Task 4.1 — Literature review of climate impacts on atmospheric pollutant effects, including liaison with Euro-limpacs

Within this Task a literature review will be carried out to incorporate the following issues:

  1. changed rates of N cycling, immobilisation and release in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; in particular the "leaky faucet" hypothesis of organic N leaching (cf. Hood et al., 2003) maintaining N limitation in terrestrial systems — implications of climate change for N mass balance, storage and transport;
  2. trends in TOC (cf. TON) — how does this affect atmospheric pollutants? E.g. toxicity of organic pollutants and metals via complexation; changes in ANCcrit to protect biota from toxic effects of acidity and aluminium;
  3. altered soil erosion (POPs and metals transport) and weathering rates (ANC generation)