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Critical Loads of Acidity and Metals - Final Report


CLAM Final Report Front CoverThis report summarises the work carried out under DETR research contract "Acidification of Freshwaters: the Role of Nitrogen and Prospects for Recovery" (EPG 1/3/117), also referred to as the CLAM Project. Since the work programme was very wide-ranging and the data and written outputs very large, it is summarised in this report at three levels. First, the Executive Summary provides a concise, two-page summary of the major research findings under each of the three Work Packages; Nitrogen, Recovery and Metals. This is followed by the detailed Technical Summary, which lists the Key Points to emerge from each Work Package, and then provides a more detailed summary of the work completed and the conclusions to be drawn.

The data and graphical outputs for every Task under each of the Work Packages are reported separately in three extensive documents which accompany the Executive Summary.


Chris Curtis and Gavin L. Simpson

Publication Date:

June 2001




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