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NEGTAP — 2001 Final Report


NEGTAP 2001 Report Front CoverThe National Expert Group on Transboundary Air Pollution (NEGTAP) will be an advisory Non-Departmental Public Body. Its work will span 24 months. The Terms of Reference for the Expert Group are to review current knowledge and advise Ministers on:

  • biological and chemical trends in the UK environment, and the prospects for recovery, as a result of current and projected deposition of transboundary air pollutants
  • UK critical load, and critical load exceedence maps for acidity and eutrophication and advise Ministers on their further development
  • requests from the Government on other transboundary air pollution issues

This report provides a detailed description of the current status of the problems of acid deposition, eutrophication and ground-level ozone pollution in the UK. The report discusses emissions, atmosphereic concentrations and deposition of the major pollutants, and the impacts on soils, vegetation and freshwaters.



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Adobe pdf icon NEGTAP 2001 Report (34 MB | PDF)

The full report is available as separate chapters from the NEGTAP website.